Who Is Selahattin Atalay

sa selahattin atalay

Founder of SA Organization Selahattin Atalay was born in Istanbul. He studied his secondary education in his native country and graduated faculty of International Relations of Baku State University in Azerbaijan. So, in that years he thought about how to create SA Organization which will be his business card. His only thought was to make people happy, see and feel it. And for it he created Sa Organization 15 years ago.

Selahattin Atalay is a professional organizer of all kinds of events and concerts. He has a trusted professional team. It is great pleasure for him to work with his team in his work. Selahattin Atalay has been honored with appreciation by Turkish Embassies in the different countries for his events. And every time he said that "I owe all my success to my team and my persistency". Government officials, ministers, parliamentarians of different countries has come to his events, concerts and appreciated.

Selahattin Atalay has only one goal since the first day of this work: "Music is the nourishment of the soul. Indulge and rejoice is the natural right of people. My most important rule is to make people happy, see and feel it. In that time my strength and enthusiasm is growing for work!"